Riding the falowa and tour of Sabtang Island (Day 3)

I’m actually hesitant to do the inter island tour to Sabtang because 1) I don’t know how to swim 2) I usually get seasick which might ruin my day and 3) I don’t wanna go face to face with a tsunami while on a boat! But then I wanna make the most of this trip, I’ve gone this far so what the hell!
A week before coming here, I’ve been checking the weather forecast from time to time to finalize our itinerary (OC talaga!). The weather (23C) didn’t disappoint, sunny and windy at the same time. Our guide said the ride will be calm and easy and the waves are just normal. Oh-kay! I’m ready!

It is a 30-45 minutes falowa ride from San Vicente port to Sabtang port. The falowa is like a mini Noah’s ark boat with no balancing beam (katig) designed to just glide with the waves. Imagine riding Anchor’s away but instead of rocking front and back its going side by side. It can ride up to 30 passengers and may include a motorbike and some animals (on our way back, there’s a crying goat!). Between Batan and Sabtang Island is the channel where the Pacific meets the South China sea. This is where the waves is at its fiercest, they say on a bad day its as big as houses! I got a little seasick but that’s mainly becuse its quite a challenge to get out of that boat. Good thing I haven’t had breakfast yet.












So was it worth it? You betcha!!! I’m glad I conquered my fear and rock the boat!




p.s. On our way home we dropped by San Carlos Borromeo Church in the town of Mahatao (which we missed on our trip yesterday). It is one of the 26 churches in the Philippines listed by the the National Museum and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts because of its well preserved architecture.

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5D 4N Batanes Itinerary

*this post is from my old blog from blogger dated 22 March 2011*


Since I’m the one in charge of our itinerary, I started reading about Batanes the day we booked our airfare which was way back November 2010 (yea I’m OC like that). I’ve come up with a long list of must see, must eat, and must bring (I will share it on my next post). I don’t want to waste our time DIY-ing (we can do that on our next visit!) because its our 1st time there so I convinced my friends that hiring a tour guide would be wise.We were able to see everything on my checklist and explored each of them to our heart’s content (my 800+ photos are proof). So this is our itinerary plus what really happened in between…


MARCH 12 Saturday

Departure 545am at Manila Domestic Airport
715Am – Arrival to Basco Terminal Airport
Our Tour guide Ate Remy picked us up at the airport and drop us off at Shanedel’s Inn (5 mins fr. the airport)
after we checked in and freshen up we walk towards Abad St. looking for a place to have breakfast.
-Hiro’s cafe for breakfast (nothing special, ew ang goto)
– walk around town proper, municipal hall and Basco cathedral (church of Sto. Domingo de Basco)since 1783
-lunch at SDC canteen beside Basco Cathedral (regular canteen food)
-back to Shanedel’s Inn and rest

3:00 pm – Ate Remy picked us up for our North of Batan tour

– Tukon Radar Station
– Tukon Church
– Fundacion Pacita (5 star accomodation grabe sobrang ganda dito!)
– Basco Idjang (Ivatan Fortress)
– Japanese Tunnel – bring a flashlight
– Valugan Boulder Beach

– Naidi Hills/Basco Lighthouse
5pm – wait for sunset at the Basco Lighthouse (san mig light and chichirya mode dito)
6pm – drop off to Shanedel’s Inn
7pm – dinner at Shanedels’ Inn (includes Pako salad, Steamed Flying Fish, Sizzling Pork Chops and papaya and watermelon for dessert-masarap naman)


March 13 Sunday

Day 2 (South of Batan Island)
Ate Remy picked us up around 830 am for our tour

730am – bfast at Zantan’s canteen along Natl Rd beside Shanedel’s Inn (we had typical Filipino breakfast(ok lang), sarap ng coffee nila!)

830am – start tour
– Chanarian Viewdeck-breathtaking view!
– Diura Fishing Village
– Crystal Cave
– Fountain of Youth-ur allowed to swim here
– White Beach
– Racuh-a-Payaman (Marlboro Country)-scotland-ish view

12nn – catered lunch (inclusive of tour fees; meal: escargot, sweet and sour fish, ivatan adobo (lunies), uvud balls and stir fry veggies and buco juice, The best!!! ) at Racuh-a- Payaman
130pm – continue with tour
– Hihintayin kita sa langit hills (Dawn Zulueta-Richard Gomez movie was shot here)
– Imnajbu (Stone Houses)
– Uyugan/Songsong Ruins
– Ivana/Honest Coffee House/House of Dakay /Spanish Bridge
300pm – drop off at Shanedel’s inn
– rest and freshen up
5pm – walk to Naidi Hills/Basco Lighthouse (15-20 mins)
6pm – dinner and drinks at Bunker Cafe beside Basco Lighthouse
8pm – 15 mins walk to Shanedel’s Inn from the lighthouse
– tuloy ang inuman!


March 14 – Monday

Sabtang Island tour ( wear slippers, shorts, long sleeves, hats, sun screen lotion, swimsuit)
630am – Van picked us up to go to San Vicente Port (30-45 mins)
7am – Falowa ride to Sabtang Island (30-45 mins boat ride)-magBonamine!
730am – arrive Sabtang Island
8am – bfreakast at Heritage House (not included in tour fees)-scrambled egg and fried dibyang
830am – start tour
– Chamantad-Tinian Viewpoint
– Lime Kilns
– Barrio Savidug (Vernacular Houses)- can enter houses just ask permission
– Barrio Chavayan (UNESCO Nominated Site)

12nn – Lunch at Nakabuang Beach (inclusive of tour fees – meal includesturmeric rice, seaweed soup steamed coconut crab, stir fry veggies, fried squid and chicken, steamed mahi mahi, bucayo and buco juice. Sarap!!!)
– explore Nakabuang Beach/Murung Beach (Ahau Arch)
130pm -Sabtang lighthouse
200pm – falowa ride to Batan Island
230pm – back to San Vicente Port
– San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao
check out at Shanedel’s Inn
transfer to Novita House
rest and nap until 5pm
6pm – dinner at Zantan’s canteen – sarap ng Basco burger (100pesos)!

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