Kyoto : Arashiyama and Kinkakuji Photodiary

Day 2 May 16, 2016 Itinerary:

Kurumon Market – Arashiyama Bamboo Grove – Kinkakuji Temple

Weather forecast cloudy with rainshowers.

MATCHARAP!!! A must when in Kyoto. This is just outside the Saga Arashiyama train station.

Free entrance at Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. Woohoo!


Don’t forget to look up.
No photobombers! I told them to do Bruce Lee poses and this is what I get hahaha 🙂 .




Photobombers galore. It’s hard to get a decent photo but that’s ok. Sometimes that’s what makes it more interesting.



Tenyruji Gardens Y500 plus Y100 if you’re going inside the temple.

Arashiyama to Kinkakuji – From Saga Arashiyama station going to Emmachi Station ( 1 stop only), walk 2 minutes to bus stop. Ride bus no. 205 and go down at Kinkakuji-Michi bus stop. Y230 bus fare or use your Kansai One Pass.

Kinkakuji – Temple Of The Golden Pavilion. Entrance fee Y400.






It was raining hard by the time we left Kinkakuji. We were forced to buy umbrellas at a nearby store selling them for Y500. At the Kinkakuji-Michi bus stop, we rode bus 205 again and went down at Kyoto Station.

Inside Kyoto station.

We had dinner at Isetann Food court then stop by BIC Camera at the corner before heading back to Osaka.

Tomorrow is another long day of walking 😉 .





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This post is the what really happened in Japan itinerary 😉 . It is somehow identical to my planned itinerary except for those places we went to eat as we went by what feels like and what looks good at that moment. When we feel the growls of our tummy, it can’t be ignored anymore hahaha. I will elaborate on each day on a different blog posts so tune in to that 🙂  .

Day 1 – 655am Jetstar Flight out of Manila. 1155AM arrival at Kansai International Airport. We availed the new Kansai One Pass at Nankai Electric Railway (KIX Terminal 1 2/F) for Y3000 (reloadable). I ordered our Pupuru pocket wifi   at their website 3 days prior and I picked it up with no hassle at KIX post office (1/f near south gate). Bus ride to Rinku Premium outlet Y200 per way bus stop#12 KIX Terminal 1 1/f). Left luggage at Rinku locker Y500 for 3 hours. Lunch at Rinku Premium outlet foodcourt. Went around the outlet for 3 hours. Walked to Rinku station to ride the train going to Nippombashi station (45 mins train ride). Checked in at our airbnb inside Kuromon Market. Freshen up and walked to Dotonburi and Shinsaibashi area. Dinner was at revolving sushi in Dotonburi area named Daikisuisan.

Day 2 – Went around Kuromon Market. Breakfast on the go. Went to explore Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto. Stroll for 2-3 hours. Lunch on the go.  Afternoon was spent at Kinkakuji Temple. Stroll for 2 hours. Went back to Osaka. Ramen dinner at Ichiran Ramen along Dotonburi. Shopped at Daiso and Don Quixote.

Day 3 – Went to Kyoto to explore Fushimi Inari. 2-3 hours roundtrip to the top and back. Next stop was Kiyomizudera Temple, Higashiyama district and Gion district where we stalked some geisha.  Kyoto station for dinner at Isetan Foodcourt. Dropped by Bic Camera beside Kyoto station. Went back to Osaka.

Day 4 – Osaka Castle. Lunch at Creo-ru Dotonburi. Went to Nara Park. Dinner at our airbnb. Bought assorted sushi sets, beef, salad and fruits at Kuromon market.

Day 5 – Check out at 11am. Left luggage at airbnb. Left the boys at Bic Camera. Girls went for last minute shopping at Shinsaibashi area. Went back to airbnb at 2pm and ate lunch at Kuromon Market. At 4pm we hailed a taxi from Kuromon market Y650 to Namba OCAT bus terminal. Bus ride to KIX Y1050 per pax one way for 40 mins. Check in at Jetstar for 830pm flight out. Got a refund for our Kansai One pass at JR West line Terminal 1 2/f. Dinner and stroll around the airport before boarding. 1130pm arrived in Manila.

Expenses: Php34k per pax ALL IN!

Japan 2016 PDF file

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 9.22.51 PM

* I only paid Php200 as my travel tax because I’m a US Permanent resident. That’s why the total for the two of us is only Php1820.




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