Biking in Batanes (Day 4 & 5)

Day 4 – Biking day. We just followed the National Road and biked 3.5 kms until we ended up at Chanarian Viewdeck. Going there is quite a challenge with mostly uphills and zigzagging road. We girls walk with our bikes half of the time. Parang mapuputol na ang mga legs ko. Going back of course is the opposite, walang effort. Downhill, weeeeee!










Day 5 – The not so good weather prompted SEAIR to cancell our flights back to Manila. Super windy and poor visibility. Sayang naman our day if we stayed home lang dba? So of course game na game kami magbike uli. We rented mountain bikes at the BCTA office around 10am. Sumuko ang girls sa japanese bike yesterday kaya wit na today. We asked direction from the locals on where would be nice (and mejo near) to go. They said we try going to Valugan beach. Its just 2.5kms away from town. They told us pa to be careful, its windy and rain showers come and go. But we are the fearless team right?! So go go go! Makukulet! Syempre korek sila, we went there face to face with the wind and rain. Parang mabubura yung face mo sa lakas ng hangin na sumasampal sa yo. Promise!









Day 6 – Flight to Manila. Sure na!




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Riding the falowa and tour of Sabtang Island (Day 3)

I’m actually hesitant to do the inter island tour to Sabtang because 1) I don’t know how to swim 2) I usually get seasick which might ruin my day and 3) I don’t wanna go face to face with a tsunami while on a boat! But then I wanna make the most of this trip, I’ve gone this far so what the hell!
A week before coming here, I’ve been checking the weather forecast from time to time to finalize our itinerary (OC talaga!). The weather (23C) didn’t disappoint, sunny and windy at the same time. Our guide said the ride will be calm and easy and the waves are just normal. Oh-kay! I’m ready!

It is a 30-45 minutes falowa ride from San Vicente port to Sabtang port. The falowa is like a mini Noah’s ark boat with no balancing beam (katig) designed to just glide with the waves. Imagine riding Anchor’s away but instead of rocking front and back its going side by side. It can ride up to 30 passengers and may include a motorbike and some animals (on our way back, there’s a crying goat!). Between Batan and Sabtang Island is the channel where the Pacific meets the South China sea. This is where the waves is at its fiercest, they say on a bad day its as big as houses! I got a little seasick but that’s mainly becuse its quite a challenge to get out of that boat. Good thing I haven’t had breakfast yet.












So was it worth it? You betcha!!! I’m glad I conquered my fear and rock the boat!




p.s. On our way home we dropped by San Carlos Borromeo Church in the town of Mahatao (which we missed on our trip yesterday). It is one of the 26 churches in the Philippines listed by the the National Museum and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts because of its well preserved architecture.

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Fearless in Batanes (Day 2)

Did you know that Batanes has 4 seasons? Yes! So good to feel the fresh spring air. Tirik ang araw but the wind will blow you away. Literally haha!

Sunday was spent touring South of Batan Island…
Kudos to our tour guide…Ate Remy of Novita House. Grabe! She’s in her 50’s na but we (well the girls, i mean) were challenged by her trekking capabilities talaga. Levelling to the highest level. I almost had a heart attack watching her, my hubby and a guy friend rock climbed and trekked on a rocky cliff alongside raging waters of the Pacific. The guys told us…if she could do it then its just easy peasy. Good thing the girls were distracted by the breathtaking view. She always ask us first though, if we want to go all the way up, down, trek, go inside the cave, swim, etc. She goes above and beyond our expectations. Of course, we’re always game to go wherever she takes us. We are up for the challenge!

Chamantad viewdeck
Chamantad viewdeck





Marlboro Country
Marlboro Country
Honesty store
Honesty store



(to be continued)




p.s. my old blog name is ilykpurple hence the watermark on some photos above.


All photos are taken by me unless otherwise stated. Please do not use photos without permission.

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