Fearless in Batanes (Day 2)

Did you know that Batanes has 4 seasons? Yes! So good to feel the fresh spring air. Tirik ang araw but the wind will blow you away. Literally haha!

Sunday was spent touring South of Batan Island…
Kudos to our tour guide…Ate Remy of Novita House. Grabe! She’s in her 50’s na but we (well the girls, i mean) were challenged by her trekking capabilities talaga. Levelling to the highest level. I almost had a heart attack watching her, my hubby and a guy friend rock climbed and trekked on a rocky cliff alongside raging waters of the Pacific. The guys told us…if she could do it then its just easy peasy. Good thing the girls were distracted by the breathtaking view. She always ask us first though, if we want to go all the way up, down, trek, go inside the cave, swim, etc. She goes above and beyond our expectations. Of course, we’re always game to go wherever she takes us. We are up for the challenge!

Chamantad viewdeck
Chamantad viewdeck





Marlboro Country
Marlboro Country
Honesty store
Honesty store



(to be continued)




p.s. my old blog name is ilykpurple hence the watermark on some photos above.


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