CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin-Iligan Budget Breakdown

So here it is, the total cost I spent on that fulfilling, nerve wracking 5 day adventure. Take note that this is my and mine only budget and expenses. We are a group of 6 and every nitty gritty was divided equally among us. Read on…..
Budget 15,000.00

Roundtrip Cebu Pac Airfare 1,192.90
Tour Package/person for 5 days – All inclusions and details are here. 7,900.00

Day 1

Airport Terminal Fee 200.00
Breakfast-Jollibee Longganisa Meal 96.00
Pacquiao with lunch 195.00
Motorela ride to Limketkai mall 14.00
Bottled water and mango 75.00
Lotto tickets 100.00
Dinner-Pinutos Restaurant-Roastbeef and coke 100.00
Day 1 Total 780.00
Day 2

Breakfast at Benoni Port-Rice+Humba 35.00
Lunch at Sto. Nino Cold Spring 200.00
Entrance fees 50.00
3 kilos of Lanzones 235.00
Dinner at Terrazas, Camiguin 80.00
Misc 17.00
Day 2 Total 617.00


Day 3

Lunch-Burger Mcdo Meal 65.00
Entrance Fees 90.00
Dinner at Butcher’s Best BBQ 100.00
Misc 58.00
Watsons 150.00
Day 3 TotalΒ 463.00
Day 4

Various Pasalubong (Vjandep pastel, Sler’s chicha, etc) 365.00
Gelato-Missy Bon Bon 115.00
Dinner-Dear Manok-Grilled Paa with rice+coke and
Buco halo halo 162.00
Bigby’s 149.00
Lotto tickets 100.00
Day 4 Total 891.00
Day 5

Rafting video 100.00
Terminal fee 30.00
Baggage 150.00
Chips 200.00
Misc 50.00
Day 5 Total 530

SubTotal 3,281.00

MY TOTAL Expenses 12,373.90

SAVED Php2626.10

And I was within my budget! Woohoo! It was the best and sulit trip ever! We felt that we actually got more than what we paid for. So go, go, go! Life is short, plan your trip now and make your own adventure!


CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin-Iligan Itinerary

Day 1 CDO-Bukidnon

Day 2 Camiguin Island Day Tour

Day 3 White Island and Iligan

Day 4 Mapawa River Trek

Day 5 CDO White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting Video

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