Batanes Travel Expenses

**UPDATED 29 January 2014

*this post is from my old blog at blogger dated 22 March 2011*


March 2011
Cost as a Group Per Person
Roundtrip Airfare via SEAIR 7,177.20
Manila Domestic Terminal fee 200
Hiro’s Cafe breakfast 120
SDC canteen lunch 70
North of Batan Tour + van + tour guide 2200 366.67
(for a group of 6)
dinner at Shanedel’s Inn 200
Subtotal 8133.87

Day 2
Filipino breakfast at Zantan’s canteen (Longsilog+coffee) 80
South of Batan Tour + van + tour guide 4500 750
(for a group of 6 – inclusive of diura entrance
fee 50 and lunch 300)
Dinner at Bunker Cafe 200
Subtotal 1030.00

Day 3
Sabang Tour + Van + tour guide 6700 1116.67
(for a group of 6 – inclusive of falowa ride 100,
sabtang conservation fee 100 and lunch 300)
Breakfast at Sabtang Heritage House 120
Shanedel’s (1500/night for 3 person) 2 nights 3000 1000
(per group of 3)
Dinner at Zantan’s 100
Subtotal 2336.67

Day 4
breakfast and lunch at Novita House 200
bike rental 25/hr 75
dinner at Casa Napoli 130
Subtotal 405.00

Day 5
breakfast 100
lunch at SDC 70
bike rental (5 hrs) 125
dinner at Novita house 120
Subtotal 415.00

Day 6
Novita house (1700/night-2nights) 3400 570
50 % for the extra night that we got stranded 850 142
Basco Terminal fee 20
Subtotal 732.00

Pasalubong and souvenirs 530
water 100
Internet 50
various ihaw ihaw, chichirya, soda etc 200
Tip to our driver Mang Eloy 300 50
Tip to our tour guide Ate Remy 300 50
Subtotal 980.00

T O T A L Php14,032.54

My Tips:
1. The most expensive part of this trip is the airfare. So look out for SEAIR’s sale fares (online and travel expo). Last November we got hold of their buy one take one promo for 14k+. **Today PAL and Cebupacific air have everyday Β flights to Batanes. Try to snag one at Β Cebupac’s piso fare.

2. If it’s your first time and you’re going to be there for less than a week, hire a tour guide. It will save you lotsa time. All Lodging houses have tour guide contacts. Ask and compare.

3. You don’t go to Batanes for the food. For a so so meal of one cup of rice,one viand and coke, you will shell out average of Php120. Even the prices of chicken (220 /kilo!), eggs, pork, beef, etc at the market doesn’t come cheap. If you’re going to eat on the lodging houses that offers food, you have to tell them in advance and make reservations. Hassle! House meals are preferable, at least you like what you’re eating. The best meals we had were those that’s inclusive on the tours because we get to taste local Ivatan food.

4. Bring light clothing, sunblock, sweater/jacket, sunglasses, off lotion, trekking sandals, swimsuit, personal medicines, CAMERA plus charger and LOTS OF CASH. (Landbank has atm machine but its always offline)

5. Bring extra clothes and money as you may get stranded for days depending on the weather condition.

6. If you’re lodging house is around Basco, try to catch the sunset every afternoon at Naidi Hills/Basco lighthouse.

7. Leave your credit cards and jewelries at home. You won’t need it there.

8. If Sabtang Island or Itbayat is in your itinerary, bring Ziplock plastic containers to water proof your valuables.

9. Cheaper if you’re going there in groups compared when you’re just two. Tours are expensive (we spent more for that than the accomodation) so the more the merrier and cheaper!(6-8 is ideal).

10. Spend your free day biking around town of Basco. If you have plenty of time, go back to Valugan Beach (2.5kms from Basco) or go to Mahatao viewdeck (Chanarian viewdeck 3kms from Basco).

11.Talk to the locals. They’re very friendly.

May I recommend:
Lodging house – Novita House
Tour guide – Remy Santos – +639274121031
Bike rental – FV Amboy (Nunez St) or you can go to BCTA office (Castillejos St)

Now are you ready to go to Batanes?


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